a luxury vacation rental property in costa rica

Introduction to the area

A luxury vacation rental property in Costa Rica will allow you to experience the amazing beauty of the country that is located in Central America. Surrounded by two different waters, the endless beaches on the west are met with the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean, and on the east they are engulfed by the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica's geographic location is widely known for it's extravagant beach holiday and vacation opportunities.

Blue Zone vacation rental property

The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica has been named one of the five classified Blue Zone's of the world. Locations classified under Blue Zones are often associated with the words like long-life, health, and happiness.
The quaint city of Nicoya being one of them, meets all the requirements of earthly paradise: including the absence of diseases, the high life expectancy rate, the warm and gentle climates, as well as the immediate improvement of health whether or not you live there or you're simply visiting the unique and inviting country.

Cinco Ventanas

Cinco Ventanas means five windows. The name is derived from natural tunnels formed in the cliffs on both sides of the virgin sand of Ventanas Beach (Playa Ventanas). Many of the caves have formed tunnels to the ocean on the other side of the cliffs which are truly windows to the Pacific.

With the completion of the Costanera Pacifico, Costa Rica's new coastal highway, Cinco Ventanas is about 20 minutes from the beach town of Dominical, 10 minutes from Uvita, next to a town called Ojochal and the regional airport of Palmar Sur, offering daily flights from San Jose.

There are two commuter airlines that fly from San Jose to Palmar Sur, Sansa and Nature Air. It is recommended to make reservations in advance, check their web sites for schedules and prices.

Playa Ventanas is located just south of Marino Ballenas National Park. The easiest way to explore this national park is by accessing it through the town of Uvita, located to the north of the protected zone. Passing south over the Bahia de Coronado will take visitors to Drake Bay and the Osa Peninsula. From here it is possible to explore the world renowned Corcovado National Park - famous for its immense biodiversity.

In Playa Ventanas beautiful sea caves line the north and south ends of the beach. The two caves on the north end extend from the beach out to the ocean, a distance of about 50 meters. Pressure from the waves during certain tides can blow a large cloud of steam out onto the beach creating a "blowhole effect". The caves are very deep and are quite intriguing to venture through. This is a great little bay and is ideal for swimmers with it's fine sand and caverns carved into the cliffs.


The town of Ojochal, a short drive from the vacation house and its surrounding beaches provide solitude and the ideal setting for some rest and relaxation. Lush tropical forests melt into the sandy shores of the Pacific for tropical "postcard" scenery. Due to their location, these beaches are far less developed and visited than the more popular destinations. Ojochal, Playa Tortuga and Playa Ventanas is located in the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica.

Basic amenities and services are provided in Ojochal. The slow pace hasn't been affected by tourism yet, making this place a great "off the beaten track" destination. Playa Tortuga, or Ojochal as it is known by the locals, is a clean strip of beach loved by Ticos and foreigners alike. The town of Ojochal sits off the coast a little ways, protected by mountainous forest, the perfect spot from which to access the stunning coastline.

Luxury vacation rental property | Blue Zone | Costa Rica Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach) was once a pristine beach, Hurricanes Mitch and Ceasar destroyed the beach by routing Rio Terraba to this location. This beach is only accessible during the low tide. The strong ocean currents and lack of shade makes this beach less desirable than others in the area.
Most amenities and services are available in the Ojochal area such as grocery, liquor and drug stores. You must try the many restaurants and bars including Fine dining in the jungle.

Essential facilities

Besides all the locations mentioned above, you can find many essential facilities close to the vacation house. The gas station with mini-market and liqueur store is just a 5-minute drive from the Villa. If you're in need of medical attention you can find the brand new, state of the art hospital in Cortez, less than 30-minute drive from the Villa or you can visit the 24h modern walk-in clinic in Uvita, a 15-minute drive from the Villa.


Luxury vacation rental property | Blue Zone | Costa RicaUvita, just 17 km south of Dominical, will give you an idea of what Costa Rican beach towns looked like before the tourist boom. The village itself is nothing more than a loose straggle of farms, houses and sodas, though several of the nearby beaches are part of the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, a pristine marine reserve famous for its migrating pods of humpback whales.

The area off the main highway is referred to locally as Uvita, while the area next to the beach is called Playa Uvita and Playa Bahia Uvita (the southern end of the beach). Playa Ballena is located in Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita area, and has some of the best beginner's waves in the area. Playa Ballena is known as a humpback whale migratory route. During the winter months of October thru March you can often see mother whales with their babies as well as some adult males breeching the surface.

Playa Uvita is famous locally for its pristine beauty and uniqueness on the Pacific coast. Wonderful views from the beach of a rocky, offshore island called "Isla Ballena". Isla Ballena means, "The Island of Whales" and is named after the whales that are often spotted off the island during their migration in the winter months. When the tides begin to recede, the beach becomes connected to the island via a sandbar. When the sandbar and island are visible (from the air) they create the outline of a whale's tail.

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